Delivery and Returns


CDs and T-shirts are usually shipped 2-3 days after receipt in the mail. Shipping is from our warehouse in Hamburg and takes different lengths depending on the destination. Sweaters are sent with DHL per package. This takes a little longer and costs more. If you order packets with CDs and jumpers, they can also be sent with DHL. We also offer to pick up the order on SYLVAN concerts. Please note that the band is not playing very many concerts.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs for CDs and T-Shirts within Germany are at 2.00 €. From 40 € order total, shipping is free (free shipment is only available for CDs and T-Shirts; not available for any parcels containing sweatshirts etc.)

The shipping costs for CDs and T-shirts in Europe and the world are at 5.00 €. pullovers (and packages including some) will always be sent with a parcel-service. For this kind of transportation a fee will be charged in every case.


A redemption or may be exchanged only applies to welded, undamaged CDs / DVDs, as well as for unused textiles. This is considered a period of 14 days. Unwrap the CDs / DVDs are non-returnable.